la de.

vent starting NOW. things are happening. I think it's time for a major change in my life. I think I am deciding that Rutgers might be a better more realistic choice after brookdale. money is so tight I don't know what to do. GOAL - pay off ALL of my tickets/bills/get all of my money in order and stop buying unnecessary things. I'm going to create a savings account. and hopefully try my damnedest to put away money. I have something in my life that is making me reevaluate the meaning of it, and change the direction I'm going in but stay on the same track. this weekend was indescribable. driving to JFK sucked. going to the museum of natural history was incredible. but I was dying from starvation so it was super hard to concentrate on all of the wonderful things inside. I found someone who I never had such a connection with. FB official is pretty big LOL. I hope this works out.