Due to everything happening on our planet as of recently, I can't help but wonder what's going to possibly happen next? Reading the New York Times on the daily has caused a constant wave of anxiety over my head. Even resulting in constant nightmares every night. From the Egypt Revolution, to the devastating tsunami in Japan, to Lybia and their rebels, to America and our awful debt of 1.5 trillion dollars, to the budget cuts or the taxes it's absolutely terrifying.

Sadly, individuals stay uneducated about the crisis' going on in our world, but the first step is to stay educated. You can't possibly think to ignore a problem and expect it to go away? Only will result in more problems. As we get more advanced in technology and anything we do now-a-days, our planet is literally screaming at us to "cut the shit". Which we so rightfully owe it that much. We just live here, try to raise families, advance, and blah blah. but when is enough, enough? We are losing thousands of lives, putting ourselves in debt, all because we are consumers who want more and more and forget to appreciate the simple stuff. Does purchasing the new iPad 2 serve the same feeling of fufillment as per say, taking five minutes to sit outside, appreciate the day because you woke up and it was sunny out and you can see the flowers starting to bloom or hear the purr of a kitten? We forget to stop and smell the flowers - so the saying goes. We must take a step back and look at what we are doing to our planet. It's great to know lots of people are going green, recycling or walking that two feet to throw away that gum rapper instead of leaving it to nature to take care of. That's not our planets job. We put so much pollution and pure crap onto our planet, it's OUR job to take care of it. As I said before, not to ignore it.

I know that whole 2012 crap is mumbo jumbo, but clearly there is some truth to it. E.G. - the events over last two months. People need to start helping out more. I know I do. I want to volunteer. Even if it's at a clinic to help women, anything helps right now. I just wish people would replace their arrogance/ignorance with education/knowledge and to basically start giving a shit. I look at Japan and think how irrelivant any materialistic thing I own is to me now. If you had to evacuate your home, would you even think to take those materialistic purchases that drives our consumerism country wild? No. you'd make sure your family, or your cats were safe. Japan is in debt by 35 billion dollars due to this disaster.

Life isn't about your technological possesions and materialistic items. It's nice to have them of course. But when it comes down to it, the only thing that life is, are the relationships you have with people. Real connections, because without that, then there is no life. We need to stop and smell the flowers and do good for others. It's so bothersome, terrifying, shocking to think of the events recently and what type of events could potentially occur in our near future.