it really ticks me off when you clearly fuck up and know you. royally fuck up and then choose to ignore it. like you always do. then proceed to even fuck up more. go and see nora? like so she and I are civil with one another. I don't make plans with her and then the news feed via face book tell me you two are handing out. then comment saying something so immature. this is me further proving my point as to how you should grow up. then comment joey saying you're going to Philly with nora because you are too much of a baby to drive there by yourself to see this kid that is ugly as fuck and clearly not you're type but you're so lonely and desperate that you will settle for anything that can spell and has a cock. good one. it's like you're trying to provoke me. why do something that you know I will clearly be more mad at you for. I'm done with your text war. you want to get through his, YOU CALL ME LIKE AN ADULT. glad to be best friends again. like summer rolls around, and I get tired of your antics. we've been doing thing for years together, why haven't you learned? is it that hard not to resort back to 16 year old behavior? because I'm pretty sure it isn't hard to act mature and have a sense of self-worth and self-respect. I AM DONE.

I'm done trying to make efforts with seeing people.
I have been a recluse for a week now.
and I'm okay with it.
I'm accepting who IS & who ISN'T my friend.
I shouldn't have to make the effort, a friendship goes both ways.
I'M over it.

cali unicorn doesn't talk to me anymore. typical.
guess it's just you and me pops! Only man I need is my father and beetlejuice.

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