being awoken to a phone call at 7:15 by a unicorn in the middle of the most intense unfinished dream. sometimes I really think I need to go to a sleeping disorder doctor. my night tremors and rants are a lot better but not completely over with. yesterday went well and we had a huge talk and hopefully it'll process the importance of substance and being passionate about anything with the utmost sincerity for you&no one else. I've been doing so much growing and learning from rather indifferent experiences. good or bad ; you learn. "without the bad the good goes unappreciated." once someone said to me who sadly isn't in my life yet always in my mind recently. it's funny how things can change in an instant. some weird thing will click in your mind and you realize so much. it's like !pow instant epiphany! overthinking. overanalyzing. overit.

I've decided I want to go back to school. I want to work with the mentally insane or narcotic addicts. brookdale meeting here I come. fuck your vanity; I want insanity.

I have nothing of importance planned today but to enjoy the winter wonderland from afar. nick&nora's infinite playlist came out on dvd! so probably movie gandering, tea sipping all within good company. as usual! who knoz.


silv said...

he's so handsome, you need to update me about his daily apperance. since i am too far to see him for myself :X