today was enjoyable for the most part. I had to run a few errands. went to dunkin with chris and cleary. went to the menlo mall, bought a skirt. then went back to chris's house and just hung around nothing extravagant. passed some time went to marina with cait. then kim came over, had a drink or two or three. whatev. story of my life sometimes. I feel like I only come on here to complain but sorry I'm just disappointed in the human race. and funny how it's usually about men. sorry I just want maybe a warm body to swoon me over. yet it's impossible to rely on anything with a penis I've realized. at least, with what/whom I've come in contact thus far. I need to start believing what I tell myself then maybe things will look up for me with the male specimen. I need a new critter. i really want to buy a rat. it shall be kim and I's child considering the fact that we shall be living together with our children in a practical magic house casting spells in our garden with jack o' lanterns shining through the dusk every season. cuz I know I'll be with her for the rest of our lives. til death do us part. :D