I need myself a real life unicorn. I fear that I am craving to move far far away from new jersey each day now. dreamersdisease. I watched a movie tonight with kim. and the "prince charming" is everything I crave. new flesh please come creep along soon I'm starting to worry. the bodies that surround me that are my best friends are wonderful people and I don't ever want them to leave my side. for the other bodies - the males aka the objects. whom are occupying my time before the real deal comes along. sounds terrible. I am terrible sometimes. maybe this is why I am single?

I had an enjoyable weekend. I saw a lot of faces I probably could've done with out. it's alright though. I worked all week and am so stressed for money and my home situation that it's eating away at the goals I've set for myself. WHICH I SHALL ACCOMPLISH. I cleaned my entire room, went food shopping, did wash, attempted to groom beetlejuice - whatta joke. martha's been driving much better even though I will be getting an oil change. lameo. I'm off from work tomorrow yet I have no plans I probably should stay in and relax maybe craft considering the fact I've been slacking on a major note. kinda like some people I know. trying to get over it.

so kim and I were driving back from the grove and turkey crossing? dinosaur directing traffic. whatever I'll be seeing you all soon for thanksgiving.