let's see. first off I've been super busy with everything and everyone. as in work, friends, homelife, mental satisfaction, etc. I left work early today because I was supposed to go to a family dinner but I decided that I'd much rather cook for myself at home, take some airborne [praying I don't have strep throat] maybe watch bad television and attempt a nap. I've accomplished all of the above minus the nap. I feel like this month has been already planned for me. which I love. being busy and filling up my time is something I crave on the constant. I don't like feeling that I'm wasting my time even if I do the littlest thing. it could even be crafting something in my room. I'm waiting for someone to call me. but of course the person I don't care at all to hear from - calls me. typical. you want what you can't have and can have what you don't want. story of my life. but things have been getting surprisingly better for me. I'm going into it as what I tell myself but I'm actually starting to believe it. seriously. I don't want to rely on something to make me happy. hopefully I won't.

this weekend I'm supposed to go to new brunswick once again and dancedancedance. I feel like that's my new second home on the weekends. It kinda sucks. I miss the redroom. not even gunna lie. but once summer arrives, I feel like things will be different. I usually can predict what happens with anything and for some reason I feel like something very out of the ordinary is going to happen. But something for the better. HOPEFULLY.

I need to start excersizing more. I feel so blah. I need the nature trail and I want to start eating more organic or just more greens/raw foods. we shall see.

I baked these delish cupcakes yesterday. I'm going to bring them to work tomorrow because I know I won't eat them all. as in, I can't but I SO want too. ;*******
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