half there.

So I've been on the fence about life as of lately and just recently receive bad news after well bad news. and it's starting to take a toll on me. I fear that in this lifetime it's so hard to find such strong connections, such REAL connections with anyone anymore. so the few I do have around me that I can feel this way with is rare. and when I do find them, I kinda never wanna let them go. silv and cate last night probably saved my mind. to be able to be completely open with someone via conversation and have someone completely get you without any judgement and just plain open ears and insight to these ideas/views/opinions/so-called morale is fucking refreshing. really fucking refreshing. cate and I discussed how no matter how shitty the person might appear on the outside you never should judge that book by it's cover because well it might be one of the most entertaining and well written stories you'll ever come across. I'm just really content with my mind set being that other people do think the same odd way I do. and hopefully I find them all mwa ha ha.<3