things to remember. or things to forget. or things that I will associate with another time. - atlantic highlands. cartel. riverside park. asbury park. svedka. njtransit. bumcount. infest. the F train. the dinky. princeton. diet peach snapple. blue gatorade. bridgewater mall. inkwell after work. marlboro menthols vs. marlboro lights. dog park. greek deli-chicken salad. chubby sundays. css- move. the format - ALL. intervention. red paint. last trains home. billy joel&cartel. summer. water down at the riverside. cheesewhiz. long drive to ocean city. food shopping at that stop&shop. shit kills me. in a good way. but moreso a bad way. I try to not let nostalgia get the best of me. but sometimes it's better to have loved 10x and get your heart broken, rather than not loved at all. so I'll take my silly memories where ever I go. and whomever I am with wants to hear my silly stories when I do 'oh so this one time.....or remember that time' then so be it. it's a good laugh. it's all also a lesson learned and lived. and not many people can say that.