throat tick

movies I have watch thus far being sick :

honey I shrunk the kids
the goonies
sex&the city
back to the future
jurassic park
season 1 True Blood.

okay so I have strep throat. and I feel like death. I can't seen to get these unfortunate events away from my life. I don't know what to do cause I was supposed to have all that brookdale stuff done by this weekend but I can't even concentrate or move for that matter for more than 20 minutes without wanting to collapse or fall asleep. I've been staying at my fathers who's been so kind to take care of his bed-ridden daughter. haha. I'm sad cause deerhunter/dan deacon/no age are playing tomorrow for free in williamsburg and I know I won't have the strength to go! cate and silv will hopefully go tomorrow and tell me how it goes cause my legs aren't meant for walking yet. I had an omelette with cheese today for breakfast most tastiest thing I've eaten in days. ice pops and soup it is!<3>

I've found this new band - deer tick. they're quit adorable and from rhode island.
you can't even deny how funny that picture is.