yesterday got three tickets.
-expired license.
-expired registration.
-"failure to stay right"


didn't make it to class because I was at the dmv forever. why would you tell me to wait on that line that I didn't even need to wait on. BUT I totally had a missed connection at the Dmv. what a vision! at least I got to stare at some eye candy all while there.

I went to the mall couldn't find the perfect flannel. boo. today's friday and I had a lovely day at work. I made a nice amount of tips. I need to get my cat fixed. like really bad.......ew.

I am starting to wonder if I will ever find someone. I watched the movie The Edukators. which was excellent. I completely recommend it to everyone. I usually don't enjoy movies with subtitles, but it didn't even bother me. the way the boy kissed her, just was indescribable. I miss having that. oh well. you can't look for it. which i don't. but getting hopeless to reach a real connection.

I have work at 9am. no plans for this weekend. what a drag.