Truths of the Heart
Capricorn Daily Horoscope

You may feel exposed and vulnerable today as you interact with the people you care about. A strong need to tell your loved ones how you feel can compel you to articulate your emotions openly, even if you have been hesitant to open your soul in this manner in the past. You may be surprised to find yourself wearing your heart on your sleeve, both at home and in your workplace. You may furthermore feel torn between your desire for connections and your fear that others will reject your loving feelings. Consider, however, that the people important to you are likely already aware of your feelings on a visceral level. Your willingness to risk pain today can help you build stronger relationships. 

When we are honest about our feelings when dealing with our loved ones, we can take comfort in the fact that they will never have cause to doubt the depth of our tenderness. Oftentimes, it is the fear of rejection that prevents us from fully articulating our emotions in the presence of the people about whom we care the most. Yet vulnerability is a natural and important part of our relationships, as it is the trust with which we interact with the important individuals in our lives that shapes our bonds. Wearing our hearts on our sleeves allows us to take a more active role in the growth of our connections, as we give ourselves the means to fuel evolving ties of love when we are free with our emotions. Your open approach to your relationships will enable you to enthusiastically nurture your connections today.

Pretty much completely dead on.

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here's an array of different photos over the gap since my last blog.

starting with inspiration for future new work added to my skin. It's been far too long for me not to get anything it's just timing and money. basically, the usual bumps in the road. whitney lenox is amazing. check her out. her work is phenomenal.

then there's brand milne : http://www.brandimilne.com/


photobooth gets fun with my cat. 



most trashed/stained I've been in sometime. classy. thank you kim for spilling red wine all over me!

this night was rather fun though. :]



Brooklyn : sabrina's was super fun. I'm obsessed with her apartment over in Brooklyn. we went to the buffalo exchange and I found a Michael Kohr's jacket for $42, but I'm still too cheap to even buy that. owell. I'm pretty sure it's time for me to take that big leap and start something new. sabrina lives with her two kittens and a crafting room. it's inexpensive and realistic. I think it's time for a change. whether or not I'm going to take that offer up, well that's some major thinking I must do. the percentage is leaning towards zee Brooklyn. at least I know that this summer is going to be wonderful considering the fact that I'll be spending almost all of my weekends out of the garden state.


buyme. ^^^^^^^^


found this from last summer. 





this picture represents nostalgia at its finest.

my cats snoring currently next to me it's rather cute/bothersome. I dyed my mothers hair. I used a 4N and gave her a few highlights in her bangs/crown area and also did her makeup. since she's been so sick, I've been trying me hardest to act like a more respectful daughter and I hope today she saw that. even though I want to strangle her, I do worry about everything, gotta be optimistic right? I don't have set plans today, probably gunna lounge about & find something to get into. yap.