May 8, 2009
Granting Ourselves Rest
Capricorn Daily Horoscope

You may feel tired today, particularly if the weekend has been a busy one. Perhaps you’ve been engaged in social activities, parties, get-togethers, group meals, or excursions with friends or loved ones. If you’ve been rather active in the recent past, you might consider taking time to rest and giving yourself the space to be alone today. Consider using your time alone to collect your thoughts or quiet the mind while you let your body ease into a comfortable position. If you have the time or inclination, taking a proper nap may be just the thing. You could consider signing off for an hour or two, closing the blinds, turning down the phone, and surrendering to any fatigue you may be experiencing. If you rest during the day, you may find that you are able to enjoy yourself later. 

We show ourselves and our bodies the love and care they deserve by resting when we are tired. Rest affords our minds time to process, slow down, or become perfectly still. We are then able to simply inhabit our physical bodies while giving them an opportunity to repair themselves, recharge, and release any tension that has built up. When we emerge from rest, we are physically and mentally capable of fully participating in and enjoying whatever life has to offer. Take some time for yourself today to rest and relax, and you will have shown love and consideration to your body and mind.