only if that were true.

what a weird night.
this is all I need.
friends. nahhhhhhmonnnnnn.

phycology. forensic. criminal. which ever. florida. oregon. happy trails. city and colour. the city. newyorkcity. sabrina I miss. brooklyn-apartment. haiyo. nostalgia. change ai ai. no text back. unworthy. most inconsistent. mothers day. hospital. surgery. money. work@9am. pancakes. cupcakes. dietdietdiet. go green. banksy. udelco. new boots. fix my old boots. get new flats. new flips flops. warrant. tickets. f the police. city and colour. repetition. lack of _____. anxiety. getting overwhelmed with everything. I need a new creative outlet. I need NEW. this has to stop somewhere.


silv said...

lets build things that look like things out of forest wood! please, together creativity<3