la de da

today was so relaxing. slept late. like 9:30 deng. went to the the pawn shop and lurked and lingered forever finding the perfect piece. i ended up buying a pink/floral dresser for all of my hair supplies. then went over to the thrift shop and bought 3 flannels, 1 pair of navy heals, a cute bag and a cardigan. i decided to home and rummage through all of my junk and donate all of whatever I couldn't find use for. 2 garbage bags deep. then went to my dad's ate dinner, had coffee watched burn before reading. worst ending ps. then went to chris's saw steve, frank, waldo, jay, bevanz and geno and geno's gal. now I'm home iChattin'. i feel like that's my new sad exscuse to pass the time. oof. whatev. tomorrow I have work early. so don't wanna go. oh ps crafted so much. adios!