little critter


jimmy eat world - terminal 5 hiyo. i'm so excited to go into the city. hopefully i'll be able to go to the MET with cait and kyle. i've never been and think it'll be a great eye experience. i might meet up with a few people. unfortunately sabrina won't be one of them due to her overkill of work. today I went to my nanny's house and she cooked me dinner we watched tv and gossiped. I miss her, and feel like I need more of her in my life. she is a great woman.

lastnight I went to ryan's house. had a few too many beers. saw a few too many people that could be without air. had some serious chats with steve. got worried about kim. as usual. but overall ; it was a night to remember. mike howard stated in front of many people that he shall repay me what he rightfully stole from me. that scumbag better keep his word. or off to the noose! 

i've been thinking about a certain someone a few days ago. ehem cait knows whom I'm talking about. and i gasped in glee with what I thought returned into my life but wasn't him so disappointed. few days later, as in today ; he actually aims me. no reliance though. even though I wouldn't mind whatsoever. it's so bothersome how nostalgic I've been lately. i've learned not to dwell on the past and there's always something better to come way. even though it's hard to believe it sometimes but asoflately it's been great. :)


silv said...

no dwelling, forward<3