6:02 pm.

today was quit a bore. 

I sat in and downloaded a shit load of music of this persons blog. I didn't even reconize half the bands but hay anything new and intruging in my ears bring it on. I got the new matt and kim [amazing] as well as tokyo police club [amazing part II]. matt and kim are playing a free show at the pier 54 in manhatten. I'm super excited. rob can't go now because of work obligations. :( but cate said she'd wanna come which is good because I feel like I should hang out with that girl more. SO IF YOU'RE READING THIS HI AND HELLO! it should be super fun and I'm really excited to go. I also stole Woman, Deerhunter, Fleet foxes, Panda bear and electric president. I'm just tryin' to get some new summa jamz. ever feel like you're the one that's annoying? yeah well welcome to my life as of recently. wtf @ people. is it that hard to pick up a phone call or respond to a text. excuses are becoming rather inexcusable. I've been really getting into new order lately. ever since I watched the preview for trainspotting, which I haven't rented yet, I've been all about it. I need to bloghop their albums. so brb while I go do that.