dear ______,

I hate how much time I've wasted on a friendship with you. I hate how much I made an effort to see you and make it like old times. I had how you lied to me. I hate how you lied to me for 4 months. I hate how you chose a FAT badly tattooed mooch from maryland over our bestfriendship. shows how much people can change. shows how much people are blind and stuck wearing their rose tinted glasses. sucks how you think I care whom you're dating [even though if it weren't for me, and if it weren't for him trying to move to new jersey for ME] you wouldn't have your new fucking boyfriend. I'm glad I'm the one upset and crying over this. I'm glad. I'm glad you don't make any effort to apologize but say; Okay so. AND; he moved here for me I actually like him and have such good times together. REALLY. awesome. 2 weeks of hanging out I guess over rules 4/5 years of friendship. no wonder why you've been so damm sketchy with me the last how many months? oh because you were still talking to that mooch. that piece of shit who is how old and you're how old. sagitory rape is fun. how dare you. I hope you realize what you've done. I hope you realize what you've lost. I hope you realize how hurt I am over this situation. i hope you realize how much you've changed and have this new complex about yourself. get over your insecurities and grow up, own up to what you do. stop hiding out in your insecurities. the one thing i thought wouldn't change would be our friendship, guess ya can say goodbye to that one too. 

you can lead a horse to water, but you can't force him to drink it.