hm hm hm. I feel like I just need to release my last few days. and this is my option. aren't you for this dear old bloggerspotter. well, yesterday I spent the day with silv and cate. we all watched he's just not that into you. and yes I still love that movie. we went into redbank, grabbed some grub and then cut some hair. which I might add - did a bomb ass job hay cate. enjoyed much needed girls days and catching up. I wish I saw these ladies more often. then I went to annie's and we were watching tv and enjoying some wine. decided it was a good idea at 1am to drive over to maryland for me to add some feathers and sanity to my body. but no no not that simple. all I left with was insanityyyyyy. seems to be it's a much farther drive. and maryland is a much bigger place than I've thought. it didn't take us 2 and a half hrs. no way. clearly 4-4;30 hours. arrival time : 430am. smarttttttt. clearly we both are. [NOT] I guess I give bad impressions or shall I say wrong ones to people. so we wake up. nevermore goes to work and annie and I shower. miss out on sharing breakfast and lost conversations to go to the good will store. seems to be "I only came there to get tattooed and not spend time with him. and of course lead him on." me wearing my not so rosy rose tinted glasses I didn't see myself doing this. sorry I thought the plan was for me to get tattooed and not hang for 3 days. sorry that I didn't drive and sorry I did make my friend drive for 4 hours state hopping at odd hours of the night. sorry you're the sketch whom bailed on doing what you say. sorry men are forev imbeciles. mind you, saw a hitchhiker and a funeral home with a flashing sign saying "you'll never come out alive" TOUCHE. TOUCHE. TOUCHE. so in the end what did I get out of this trip? a multigrain bagel, fabulous floral printed trunk, some trinkets and gizmos for my room redo, and a much enjoyed kickoff to spontanious summer oh nine! all in all - it's a silly story to tell and much laughter involved. no harm in that.

but we totally got out of a speeding ticket and I got a free burrito at chipolte! hooray for things looking up! and there's this unicorn arriving soon. guh. I'm tired and delirious. and just wanted to rant and rave about my days last spent. off to bed. nevermore nevermore.......