crafty crafty hands.

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhalright. so I made this lovely lovely headband with cate lastnight. I mean given I am so graceless and the hot glue gun decided to upchuck all over my leg and hand. so now I have this lovely blister and an upside looking kind of cross burn on my thigh. yes, graceful. NOT. I feel like finding a hobby is something everyone needs. if it comes to baking, reading, crafting, working out, painting whichever cleanses your mind is something everyone needs. it helps me release and relieve stress in the most positive way. I have all these idea's and when I do make the time, I feel accomplished. anyways I left my debit in cate's wallet. memory's good too. NOT. I was going to go pay off my last and final ticket in redbank. and then go to the psychic right by the police station. but nope can't even do that! gah. even though I had a few things put a glitche in my day, I'm still in a really good mood. I'm going to the mall soon and that means I need to prioritize and not buy another damm dress. [I know I won't listen to myself]

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so I have been doing a lot of things for myself and my mind. It feels wonderful. I'm okay with hanging out with myself and finding me again. I mean, most people don't know how to do simple things on their own. such as going to the mall or even going grocery shopping. It's great having a good friend with you all the time but sometimes you have to stop and realize it's time to grow up and not rely on everyone else's company anymore. when it comes to any relationship - friend/boyfriend. blablah. In the end, you should be okay if your fairytale doesn't come true, and you are once again a nomad in this world. alone. more learning and more knowledge - yay who doesn't need that! I feel like I'm just passing time right now because it's 2:42 and I am just bored. I have work in the am. then this weekend who knows; london is supposed to come but I won't rely on it. when you haven't spoken to someone in over 4/5 days and see certain things confusing to the eye and intentions, ya kinda don't give a fuck. ;D there's a ton of fairs coming up! and monday I'm going over to Udelco and probably gunna be there for far too long then intended. I'm ready.