theres a mouse in my room

it's 4:32 in the morning. i have to be up at 830 for work. i can't sleep due to beetlejuice scurrying around like a good cat should do in hunt for a mouse in my room. but my cat is also a spaz and knocks everything over or there's a huge boom ringing in my ears now. tomorrow well technically today is matt&kim show in the city at pier 54. it's free. i really wanna go. cate was sick though so idk who i'd be going with. maybe i'll do something on my own and go alone. i'm really stressed. i got into a car "accident" some dumb bitch tried to get into my lane and hit me cause I was in her blindspot then tried to pin it on me. c'mon lets be real. whatev it wasn't my mothers car or anything oh wait yea it was. i fell out of the bed before cause i got scared when beetlejuice jumped on my bed. i'm an asshole. i tried to make this clip last night. i really do not like it. it's cause of he feathers not being right. i need some water brb