so it's been a very eventful week! lots of great things. lots of overwhelming things. lots of silly things. lots of life changing things. so much always. maybe it's just the perks of growing up and getting comfortable in your own skin whatever. cate gave me a great book that I cannot wait to start once I find the willpower to do so. I found willpower in myself to accept what I had to do in my own mind to get over a silly boy. I guess, another fling and bring on more weeds to pick. it just sucks. but hey that's life right. first semester starts september 8th. tuesday I'm supposed to go to court and supposed to go pick out my classes. I'm going to get the worst schedule I know it. I've been reevaluating my relationships with people lately. and trying to void out the negative forces and only leech onto the sincere/positive ones. it's so hard to find and KEEP friends nowadays. it's so sad. I wish everyone was just nice. so simple yet so deng hard to do. I think I'm starting to find happiness in my solitude. I like it. being your own bestfriend is a feeling not to many know. and for right now, I'm content. I mean, it's human nature to want moremoremore, but for now it's okay.

I decided that I want to see as many films as possible. I want to be a movie junkie. like j u n k i e. there is so many on my list, I don't even know where to begin. my mother lost the last netflix movie so I fear I won't be able to rent anymore anytime soon before she pays some sort of fee. :(

mind vs, flesh.

joanna nowsom is such a vision I can't......




I really enjoy adorable peculiar big eyed females who talk about silly things. oh wait sounds like me. but seriously, I have a girl crush on her.