time bomb.

last night was really fun. it made me forget about my problems and just enjoy myself and not care about any past drama between any individual and I. just be myself. I became friends with linnaea again. I missed her as a friend. I miss my friends and just my life.

back to reality today.
there's a bug infestation in my room. things are happening and it's as always for the worse. I'm so incredibly stressed out. my nanny had a heart attack two days ago. she's getting surgery tomorrow. i have to be there early tomorrow cause she doesn't have anyone. i want to be there though. and it feels good to want to do something good not just cause I have too.
my mother went back into the hospital this morning. I feel so bad for her. lauren and I had a serious drunk/drunk talk last night about our issues and how we can relate to each other with everything going on. it's nice to know that someone else is in the same sinking ship as me.
my dad's on vacation starting today. I'm really happy for him cause he deserves it. but then again, so do I. but there's no time for that.

I hope things start to look up.

paul's going to get bug bombs to bomb my room. we'll see how that goes. now I'll get to sweet up dead bugs in my room. welcome to my lovely life.