so life has been nothing short of wonderful. things are looking farther and farther up. had a wonderful weekend in the city staying at stephanie's apartment and just having girl time. which we both so deservingly needed. I saw a unicorn. went to coney island. rode the wonderwheel. hung out on a rooftop. ate the best vegan bagel of my life with the best vegan red velvet to go along afterwards. had some ZINFUL. took the wrong subway home at 430am. complained about how dirty the subway system is for hours it seemed. i truely love the city. even the nasty shit in it cause that's what makes the city.......the city. woke up super early to get over to electric to get tattooed. fell in love with my tattoo artist. fell deeper in love with my tattoo. he is so intelligent and has the same views as me but is older so can give the best advice/insight ever. so basically, it was therapy - mentally and physically. had another busy day on tuesday. learning more and more it's better to live and just try things out even if they won't work out, it's better to have experienced them to help get over past dwellings. such a good damm weekend,

went back to work yesterday. didn't have adderoll - so it sucked. but I got it today. I get paid tomorrow helllllo broke. SAW INGLORIOUS BASTARDS WITH CATE TONIGHT. holy shit. that movie left me speechless or having word vomit. it wasn't at all what I expected. but in the best way possible. quentin terantino is such a phenomenal director it's unreal. I recommend everyone in the world to see that movie. and if you can appreciate that, then you can appreciate my humor and things I find entertaining.

I learned, I like to see the human side of people. when people admit to the nerdy things they do. it could be as simple as to saying they like taco-bell or they like playing video games. I just like seeing people when they don't feel like they're on their high pedestal and are just raw with me. I hope I give off that vibe to people. even though it seems to be ice queen or saucy is the terminology that's been used most often.

big things happening this weekend. good things! good mood! I love red wine. farewell.