so I have these HUGE spider bites all over my legs taking up my skin and itching away at my flesh. I went to the doctor and she gave me free antibiotics cause she knows my money is low.

I feel human today.

I hope it lasts.

I went to the doctor.
then dunkin donuts.
then target.
payed part of my phone bill.
changed by top 5 fav and added kim.

yeah I'm bestfriends with her again, it's time. I've missed her and it's wonderful to know how things just go right back to where they left off. so refreshing to know she's back in my life.

I have work at 1. which is fine. I start school the 8th. I'm really nervous and feel like I don't have my shit together. but whatever, I still am waiting to hear from financial aid. I did it too late. so my fault. whatever,
I'm making myself lunch. so l8r.