starting fresh.

starting fresh.

leaving on thursday for california. starting out in San Fran. driving to Sonoma. sipping on some wine with my father. then doing the 7 hour drive to LA. seeing the Mets play. OOF. all for pops. also going to the san diego zoo. ALSO, seeing Alcatraz. my tattoo artist recommended this vegetarian restaurant called, Millennium. hopefully I can find Robin Williams star for Kim! then my faher leaves and Dustin picks me up in LA. far FAR drive. yikes. I'm just so excited to get out and go on vacation. I'm going to be looking into a lot of possible changes. this could be the trip that decides whether or not I remain on the east coast or make the jump to the west. nothing is permanent. just taking things day by day and doing it with positive energy.

I deleted my facebook. permanent or not. I just need to get away from constantly being so connected to the connection. and start feeling the real connection to the real world. could be doing something so much more productive as to - reading, crafting, cleaning, reading the paper, anything! I just need a break. it ruins relationships. and isn't worth it. so break time here I go.

I'm weeding out the good and bad in my life. again. I'm feeling good. happy with where I'm at. trying to catch up with old friends and keep in contact. I've managed the skill of not avoiding a situation and in place fixing it. so being consistent is a good feeling. :)

I went tubing with Kim yesterday across the Delaware. probably the most interesting and silliest experience I've had in a while. I wiped out. lost my tube. ONLY ME.

things have been looking up.

Fourth/third of July was a blast!