eight ten twentyten.

it's tuesday afternoon and all I have done this weekend was relax. pure relaxation. something I forgot about. I've been picking up new good habits. reading. actually in love with true crime books. helter skelter<3 I decided that I am trying to save up money to really make a big change. $20 away a day everyday I work.

can't believe semester starts septermber 7th. class - mon, tues, thursday. I need to buy my books. I miss school. so weird never thought I'd find such a sense of belonging in this silly thing. even though it isn't so silly.

I made a mixtape for my salon. best. I love my job. and all the girls I work with. they really are like a second family. it's somewhat sickening. I still never got my license. I don't like hair, I can stand it. just doesn't feel right to just settle to do something I am not in love with. not saying I am going to love what I do as a career in the future, but at least it's more accomplishing and makes me more important than a few foils and a blowout. I know I am capable of much more and don't want to be remembered for just being a hairstylist. not looking down on anyone who's passion it truly is, just not mine.

I am at a really happy place in my life. california changed my life. in an eye opening way. very different. in the most indescribable way.

I love the people in my life. I'm so happy I see matt and ian now. solo, that is. jaymee literally is my other half/bestfriend. jess is coming to visit her uncle in october for the wedding, and I am escorting her to the zombie themed reception. 50's housewives here we come. to be able to go a week to three months without seeing someone and it still feels like it was yesterday when you once saw them, and it's still like the day you last left off, makes everything feel right. and with the people I have in my life that's usually how things go lately due to the restrictions of responsibility. so I am thankful that both sides are equal.

I really want a fennec fox.

new lip obsession from mac.

wet out saturday with jaym.

he's my other half.

pretty cool to see brangelina are not robots.